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Miles Monroe


Company Description


Miles Monroe is an Information Technology company which is aiming to provide


services such as CCTV installation, networking, and program warehousing management, Data


management, Data recovery services and IT Consultancy. The main reason behind coming up


with the company was due to a lack of enough highly skilled or hands on experienced companies


in the information technology sector in my state. The company?s services expects to meet


specific needs. For instance, data recovery services are not available for college students who


lose their projects due to laptops or computers crashing. The company?s services aims to tackle


such issues. Other beneficiaries include manufacturing companies, Banks, Colleges and any


other company in need of information technologies.




Strategic Focus and Plan


a Mission/Vision: At Miles Monroe, I.T Company, our vision and mission is to strive to


become the leading I.T professional solutions company. We value our customers and endeavor to ensure that our technological solutions are second to none.


b Goals:


1. To recruit more than 500 employees in the next two years.


2. To provide quality and efficient services to our customers.


3. To embrace technological innovation and the latest information technology c solutions.


4. To build a profitable and global Information technology brand.


5. To be the number one IT solutions company in our state


Core Competency and Sustainable Advantage The company will be the first IT solutions company which will provide 24-hour solutions


to our customers. The company will provide 50 percent discount for services we offer for


the first 50 clients. Our team consists of highly qualified computer science and


information technology graduates with close to 6 years of job experience in the


Information technology industry.




a) Strengths:


Give services such as main CCTV fitting, system, and agenda warehousing organization,


information organization, information revival services and main IT Consultancy.


Also give web growth service




Due to a be short of of sufficient highly accomplished or hands on knowledgeable business in the


info knowledge division in any state


Another weakness is that, it has lack of planned preparation




Main beneficiaries comprise developed business, Banks, school and any extra business in require


of info knowledge.


Also provide cloud computing examination[sea]


Threats: Information revival services are always not accessible for university students who misplace their


scheme owing to laptops or processor crashing. The main company?s examination aims to


undertake such subject.


b) Industry examination


Industry analysis of this company is that, it forever Keep up-to-date by emerging tendency, risks


and occasion affecting your association. as of country-level yearly IT examination to software


and main hardware expenditure as fine as top-level marketplace sizing main forecasts, all


examination is obtainable via the stage or as main customizable every day email alerts.


Average our sovereignty and know-how to more their views and counsel customers and


associates in the nearly all informed means.


c) Competitor Analysis


Any commerce advertising manufactured goods alike to, or as an alternate for, your personal


manufactured goods in the identical geographic district is a shortest competition. The info


expertise manufacturing is powerfully spirited, and spirited pressures could unfavorably affect


cost or command for our crop and services.


Our primary participants for our EDW answer are IBM and Oracle,


d) Company Analysis


The business will always be the initial IT answer corporation which will give 24-hour answer to


our consumers. The corporation will offer 55 percent reduction for examination we suggest for


the primary 55 customers.


e) customer analytics The main characteristic of client analytics is to generate a single, precise outlook of the


purchaser for the cluster to labor with and craft conclusion about in what way best to


obtain and keep customers, recognize high-value consumers and proactively cooperate by




Week 4.


Miles Monroe as Information Technology Company


I have prepared this paper in a manner to bring out the real picture of the company Miles


Monroe, which is based in the information technology industry. To achieve this, I have therefore


sub-sectioned this paper into categories. This will include information regarding marketing and


product objectives in the markets, the target markets, the points of difference in products and


positioning of the company in relation to competitors.


Marketing and Product Objectives


To dependably be the underlying IT answer company, this will give 24-hour reply to our


purchasers. The enterprise will offer 55 percent diminishment for examination we propose for


the essential 55 clients.


To create a solitary, exact standpoint of the buyer for the bunch to work with and make decision


about how best to get and keep clients, perceive high-esteem customers and proactively


collaborate by them.


Target Markets


CCTV fitting framework to both homes and establishments, warehousing association to firms,


data association, data recovery administrations to correspondence firms and principle IT


Consultancy for organizations, give web development administration to firms that need SEOs for


their organizations and associations. Points of Difference


Wiping out being shy of adequate very refined or hands on educated business in the data learning


division in any state, and maintaining a strategic distance from the condition of absence of


arranged planning.




In the entire information technology market in the region which we intent to base our products


and services, we consider a proper positioning of our firm in relation to our major competitors


who are IBM and Oracle. In addition to this, trade promoting fabricated products alike to, or as a


substitute for, our own made merchandise in the indistinguishable geographic area is a most brief


rivalry. The data mastery assembling is capably lively, and energetic weights could unfavorably


influence cost or charge for our harvest and administrations.


Weak 5


Marketing Program Miles Monroe with its customers over the globe to help them grow


innovations and drive new item presentation by giving. Product Strategy and Management


(PSM) administrations. Miles Monroe in innovation and area encounter crosswise over industry


verticals and cutting edge advances in all around characterized structures and strategies for E2E


item improvement driving element technique through the entire life cycle. Product ideation


Management and assessment of the thoughts for hierarchical importance


Redone industry and innovation statistical surveying and investigation to make a significant item guide


Item benchmarking to make a separated esteem


Unambiguous item definition to drive goals all through the object life cycle


Autonomous assessment of designing answers forgives fair way to deal with arrangement choices


Viable administration of subject agreement and showcasing To guarantee smooth method for new item dispatch Price Strategy:


Product pricing can challenge, additionally vital for business achievement. A few


elements must consider when valuing your items or administrations, for example, the current


money related assets. Setting a reasonable cost for your products or services will help you to


be gainful and remain focused. Begin by including every one of the expenses connected with


creating and conveying your items and administrations, then research your real market to


decide the amount they would pay. On the off chance that there is a crevice you have more


work to do ? maybe lessening your expenses or focusing on another market. A business with


huge money stores can forego starting benefits to developing client base before raising costs


later. What sort of up offers would you be able to provide with the item? For instance, CCTV


establishment, systems administration, and program warehousing management, Data


Administration, Data recuperation administrations and IT Consultancy Pricing is an


underutilized "dark horse" methodology in business. At most organizations, costs set through


a blend of increasing costs, "that is the way we've done it" systems, back of the envelope


examination, and brisk bargains among varying suppositions "we should part the distinction."


While it's anything but difficult to ascertain costs utilizing these strategies, the following


charges have no connection with the sum purchasers will pay. No client, for example,


chooses the most they will pay for another TV is precisely 2.2 times what it expenses to




Promotion Strategy: Promotion refers to the strategies you will use to publicize and offer your items and


administrations. Individual procedures may include: Website


Social media








Brochures and flyers


Pamphlets and flyers


Television, radio or print promoting


Verbal exchange


Reliability and reward programs


Icy calling


Mail-outs and letter drop




PR exercises, for example, media discharges and occasions Place


This part of advertising alludes to how your clients will have the capacity to buy your items


or administrations. Conveyance channels may incorporate Retailing direct to the general population through a store or outlet


Offering merchandise using wholesalers


Retailing on the web


Utilizing wholesalers, experts or specialists to provide your items[Geo06]. Week 6


Section 7: Financial Data and Projections


To ensure the financial growth of the company, it should focus on the target markets to ensure


growth in sales revenues from each target segment. A five year projection in sales revenue


growth is as shown in the table below; Table a) shown below represents the projected percentage growth in the % profits of the business


in the three major targets in the next five years.


Fig a)






growth projection


(% Profit growth)


CCTV fitting


framework to both


homes and






association to firms


IT Consultancy for


organizations, and


associations. Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 5 15 20 22 25 10 15 18 25 27 Web development


administration to


firms that need


SEOs for their


organizations 18 23 29 30 32 Section 8: Organization (Week 6)


The structure of an organization play an important role in ensuring the success of its strategic


plan. In the case of Miles Monroe Company, it is focused on increasing its sales revenues in the


three major markets the company targets. To achieve these goals, the company needs to have a


definite structure that would ensure the company adheres to all the set strategies. The company?s


management for instance need to streamline communication across all the levels of management


in the company. Fast moving and processing of information in very important for the success of


any information. Instructions from the managers needs to trickle down very swiftly and effectively. Feedback from the employees and customers also needs to rich the top management


as fast as possible to facilitate an effective and swift decision making.


The company?s management also needs to stock on the marketing strategies suggested in the


plan. Marketing plays a role in ensuring the company achieves most of its sales projections. The


company through its management should ensure that the company sticks to its marketing and


productive objectives which include ensuring a swift and 24-hour reply service to customers?


concerns, queries and orders, offering a 55% diminishment for examination and creating a


solitary, exact standpoint for customers to help them in making effective and fasting purchasing


decisions. These objectives if well achieved would help the company to achieve its overall goals.


Section 9: Implementation Plan


The marketing program that would be adopted by the company has different phases. The


program would be targeting the three markets discussed above in phases. The table below would


show the timelines, activities and responsibilities for the tactical decisions required especially in


accessing new markets. Target Markets


CCTV fitting


framework to both


homes and






association to firms Timelines


Week 1 - 4 Activities Conducting online


advertisements to


prospect clients Conducting existing clients to get


referrals Conducting potential clients and


pitching the business idea Closing the sales Responsibilities New employees


would be recruited


and trained by the


HR team They would be


send out to the


field to look for


clients under supervision by their


field managers The new employees would be making weekly reports


to their field super- visors IT Consultancy for


organizations, and


associations. Week 3 -6 Web development


administration to firms


that need SEOs for their


organizations Week 5-8 Prospecting for


clients from online


sources and


through referrals Visiting clients Closing sales The company?s


current employees


would be sent out


to meet new


clients, tell them


about the product


and attempt to


close sales. Conducting inten Some of the new


sive web, digital


and current emand traditional marployees would




carry out intensive Contacting clients


online and offline


marketing to iden Closing sales


tify prospects. Some of the trained


sales personnel


would conduct the


prospects to close




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