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[answered] MKTG578 - Assignment # 4 Running head: TITLE IN LESS THAN 5

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MKTG578 ? Assignment # 4


Running head: TITLE IN LESS THAN 51 CHARACTERS CAPITALIZED Consumer Behavior? Week Four


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The required template is down below. 1 MKTG578 ? Assignment # 4 2 Here is the video:


Here are the instructions:


Week FOUR - Video Case Study Grading Rubric


Note the TEMPLATE is under DOC SHARING Please post in the Dropbox your answers to the following discussion questions. See the Video Case Study section in Course Home


for guidelines on grading.


Based on the communications elements shown for Blue Shield 65 Plus (ads, print material, etc.), answer the following. Explain your answers.


a. Describe the target market with which Blue Shield 65 Plus wants to communicate?


b. What effect does Blue Shield 65 Plus want its communications to have on the target audience?


c. What is the message that will achieve the desired effect on its audience?


d. What means and media should Blue Shield 65 Plus use to reach the target audience with its message?


e. When should Blue Shield 65 Plus communicate with the target audience to ensure that it likely


will reach them? Based on the assignment above ? here are your required


subject headers (APA requires bolded and centered within






Blue Shield 65 Target Markets


Goal for Communications on Blue Shield 65 Target Markets


Key Message Needed


Media Recommendations


Timing for Media for Blue Shield 65 Target Markets




Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab


the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox,


please click here.


See Syllabus/"Due Dates for Assignments & Exams" for due date




Specifically you will see this USED and returned to you for


your Video Case:










D MKTG578 ? Assignment # 4 3 Substance of Paper - Minimum 50030


words ? solid MARKETING content.


Submitted with a MICROSOFT WORD


document attachment. Did student


use template provided? If not, minus


5 points if not used for organization.


Writing caliber includes spelling,


grammar, etc. Template with subject headers not used ?


minus 5 points. All items on the Written Assignment Requirements


Template must be followed ? points deducted here if this is not the


case. ONE AUTHORED Outside Reference




cited in APA format and credited


within your reference page at the end


of your paper ? THIS reference must


be beyond your textbook if used. Citations must be appropriately done


within paper in APA FORMAT or the


reference does not count. For each


reference listed and not cited ? minus


points. An authored reference simply


means that a human?s name is associated


with the writing you use. APA formatted paper with cover page 5


and reference page, Times New Roman 12 font, 1" margins, doublespacing, etc.


Total Points Earned 40 APA SUPPORT WEB SITES


If you need help with putting your references in APA format on your reference page, please see


this web site (select APA at the top of the web page)


Remember, APA requires that the second & subsequent lines of the references are indented five


spaces and that your references are in alphabetical order. The first line must be aligned to the left


1? margin. First names are NEVER written out for the reference page per the APA Manual. Times


New Roman 12 font must be used. Finally, remember that the reference page and citations must


match exactly ? it is considered a serious academic error if they do not. MKTG578 ? Assignment # 4


Please check out for a proper format in APA. Hawkins, D. I., Mothersbaugh, D. L.& Best, R.. (2013). Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy (12th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. VitalBook file.


Your citation should look like this (Hawkins, Mothersbaugh, & Best, 2013, p. xxx). 4 MKTG578 ? Assignment # 4 5 Introduction


Start your paper here. An introduction paragraph is a good idea. It should state the TOPIC


of your paper and provide a roadmap for the reader. Indent five spaces the first sentence in each




Blue Shield 65 Target Markets


Indent first sentence in each paragraph five spaces. Describe your Customers. By ages,


and other demographic attributes


Goal for Communications on Blue Shield 65 Target Markets


Be specific. Indent five spaces the first sentence in each paragraph.


Key Message Needed


Be specific. Indent five spaces the first sentence in each paragraph.


Media Recommendations


Be specific. Indent five spaces the first sentence in each paragraph.


Timing for Media for Blue Shield 65 Target Markets


Be specific. Indent five spaces the first sentence in each paragraph.




Your final paragraph should provide a summary of your paper. This reminds the reader of


where you took them on your road trip. It is similar to reviewing your photographs after a vacation. There should be no new information included in the conclusion. MKTG578 ? Assignment # 4 6 References


APA format please ? first line aligned with left margin ? second & subsequent lines must be indented five spaces


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