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Background Last week you began to evaluate some of your emotional intelligence skills. This week you will begin to


create a plan to improve your emotional intelligence by setting some realistic goals. Before you begin


working on this assignment, read the following articles, both of which focus on developing mental health


and wellness: ?How to Protect Your Mental Health and Avoid an Emotional Breakdown? (Links to an


external site.) and ?Ten Things You Can Do For Your Mental Health? (Links to an external site.). Now that you understand a little more about creating a healthy mind, let?s discuss goal setting. There are


many different ways to set goals, but we are going to keep things pretty simple. First of all, think about


the big picture. What is it you are hoping to get out of this class? Are you hoping for improved


emotional intelligence in your career? Your personal life? Both? The goals you create should lead you


to this bigger picture. In your goal creation, you also want to be specific and make sure your goals are


achievable. You should also be able to measure your progress in some way. For example, say you have a co-worker that you have a difficult time communicating with. Perhaps you


have a goal of having better communication at work. A part of this goal could be to improve your


listening skills. With this particular coworker, you tend to interrupt and try to finish her sentences. You


know you should listen more attentively, so, the next time you are interacting with this co-worker, you


can focus on being a better listener. Set a specific goal such as avoid interrupting more than once during


a conversation for a full week. See how this goes, and keep track of the progress - for example, note how


many conversations you had and how many times you interrupted the person. If something isn?t


working, it is okay to change it up. If you need more help on goal setting, check out this brief article and


video on ?Personal Goal Setting:? Go to (Links to an external site.) and click


on ?Toolkit? at the top of the page, Then click on ?Time Management?, and then click on ?Personal Goal


Setting.? Prompt: In a 1,000 word minimum APA formatted paper, choose two personal goals and two professional goals


related to developing a healthy mind. Describe the goals and brainstorm ideas for achieving the goals.


Incorporate some real life examples and ways you can work on achieving these goals. Also include ?what


if? scenarios . For example, what if you try listening more attentively to your co-worker from the example


above, but your mind keeps wandering and you still interrupt her in mid sentence. What can you do to


reach this goal? What would your next plan of action be if your original plan fails? Create ?what if?


scenarios for each of the goals you created. Keep in mind that you should focus on areas that you may


be lacking, not on other people?s actions or behaviors? you can only change yourself, and you cannot


change others even though we may really want to. Be sure to keep track of your progress on the goals you have set, and be prepared to use this information


in your Week 4 assignment. This assignment should include at least three APA formatted references and citations. **For your sources, do some research on ways to achieve your goals? the internet is full of information.


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