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[solved] I heard that you will have vacation day with your girlfriend,

I wants you to help me improve and develop my sentence to be more academic paper?and correct on my grammar [make sure no grammar mistake]. Also I would like you to develop my conclusion paragraph. [the format of the paper is letter format so do not confuse if the paper seem to be talking with someone.]

I heard that you will have vacation day with your girlfriend, but you are not sure that you where


will you go. I am writing this letter to suggest one place that I thinks it very beautiful and


romantic place for you to go. As I am a Thai people, I would like to suggest the place from my


land of birth. Many foreigners love to go there in winter because in US quite cold, but in


Thailand is very warm. They have beautiful beach and very fresh seafood. You can make my


suggestion as one of your choice.


The place that I would like to suggest you to go is Phuket.It is located in south of Thailand. This


place is children friendly because it is a famous vacation spot so it suitable for every generation


of people. The flight from Boston to Thailand would cost around $1800 with Emirates Airline on


winter, $1200 on summer and $850 in spring or fall. I heard that you just join with JetBlue


airline reward program so I wants to let you know that Emirates and JetBlue are partnership.


This means you can collect the miles from Emirates to your JetBlue program. Phuket is on the


top 10 list of destination in Asia for traveler must visit so I would like you to have a nice vacation




As I know that you will go vacation with your girlfriend, first of all I would like to suggest the


hotel for you. The hotel call ?Sri Panwa Phuket Villas? and the cost per night is around $150 for


normal room and $300 for the villas house or more depend on the room you will choose. The


hotel was awarded the World?s hotel with the best views by Tomato UK and top 3 Beach Bars


worldwide by CNNGo 2011. It is a luxury hotel private pool villa & spa resort and all pool villas


offer panoramic ocean views, while some boast full and uninterrupted 300? ocean views.


However, the thing that made this hotel famous is that it located on the private island. The hotel


also offers accommodation of the highest quality, maximum privacy and superior service. You do not have to worry about your wife will know about your vacation here because the hotel is


located on privacy island and it cover all the island so she will unable to find you.


As I said that you do not have to worry about your wife because the hotel provides many


activities for you or small private trip, which you can tell the front desk that what you want to


do. I would suggest you to go diving at Phi Phi Islands. This island is very famous for travelers all


over the world. They have a very nice clean and clear beach with a plenty of coral and fish that


Thailand government had spent on take caring of these thing. So you will not be disappointing if


you take a trip from the hotel to Phi Phi Island for half a day of diving. This trip might not


suitable for the wheelchair person, but they can just have a seat on watching the side view from


the boat. Another thing that I would like to suggest you to go is ?Simon Cabaret Show?. This


place is available for wheelchair person. They have a space at the side where you can park the


wheelchair there. The cost for the ticket would be around $10 for normal ticket, $12 for VIP


ticket and children high under 120cm are free. I always tell my parent to take me to this place


every time I visit because they rearrange the show every moth, so you will not see the same


show anytime you visit there, but you need to visit by month after. I have to tell you first The


show features a spectacular musical floor performed by the famous lady boys. However, you will


not be disappointing on this place because it is the biggest transvestite cabaret show to be


found locally. It is real live showtime and the flash and flesh are pure Vegas except the women


on stage are actually men. The place has been open since 1991 and it still is one of the island?s


biggest draws and near it located near the night market that you also can visit and find some


local late dinner to eat. As you arrive to the place where beach around you, I would like to introduce you one restaurant


call Phuket Floating Restaurants or Krachang in Thai. After you arrive the restaurant they will tell


you the time that they will floating the restaurant. For the cost of this restaurant would be


around $30-$60 for two people with four to five dish of on tray. The trips involve a fun, brief


long-tail boat. This is the only restaurant that do this unique concept because the owner wants


every customer to be able to go around Phuket. The restaurant also had a sea food farm so you


get a very fresh seafood to eat. Another restaurant that I would like to suggest incase that you


do not like the restaurant to be floating while you eat. The restaurant is Chotsaros Phuket. It is


local restaurant that provide seafood and Thai south curry that is special for south part of


Phuket. I would suggest you to try stir fry crab curry, Thai lobster with black sweet and sour


sauce, steam carb with Thai seafood sauce and steam fish with soy sauce. As I knew you are on


dieting so the seafood would be the great choice for you. Those dish that I suggest total price


should be $50-$70.


These are my suggestion for you and your girlfriend to visit Phuket beacause as I said it is top


ten list for the traveler must visit so I do not want you to miss out the good thing. I also wants


you to try the fresh seafood that have low calories. Overall, I wish you will keep my suggestion


as one of your choice and I wish you will have a wonderful time there.


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