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ESSAY #1 Tyler


"The purpose of certification is to ensure that any and all functions of an


airline?s operational methods and procedures are certified as safe, as


defined by the regulations set forth by government agencies such as the


U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the U.K. Civil Aviation


Authority (CAA). Each country has an aviation regulation body, and each


controls and regulates the safety concerns and, in some cases, economic


concerns, of airlines based within its respective country" (Wensveen,


2012). Each country throughout the world has its own set of guidelines


that it requires in order to be certified, but the common ground between


all of them is that they adhere to generally the same safety, financial, and


ownership rules. The final certification is done by a FSDO that is located


nearest to the operating base of the airline (Wensveen, 2012).


The reporting requirements that are in place can only be changed by


the DOT. The BTS oversees the reporting process, and all petitions are


filed with the DSD, who is issued the petition from the BTS office. The


DSD processes the paperwork, then hands it to the director of Office of


Airline Information (Wensveen, 2012). They are the ones that contact


the individual airline if a change is needed due to the reporting process.


The cost of air carrier certification effects operating costs because it is


an extra expense to the everyday operations of the airline. Even though


it doesn't affect it much in my opinion, any extra expense to the


companies is worth considering. After reading about the certification


process, I think the best way to certify airlines is being already being


done. This way has presented no problems so far, and a petition rarely


gets submitted by the companies. It's not very often that a certification


process is done from scratch until the end of the initial certification, so


the process in place works and should be left alone. The airlines operate


safely and efficiently therefore nothing should be changed. How has the


airline certification process become more complex since it was first







Wensveen, J. G. (2012). Air Transportation. Farnham, GB: Ashgate.


Retrieved from


ESSAYS #2 Delilah


The process has the sole purpose of ensuring applicants can comply


with set standards and regulations while at the same time ably handling


risks and hazards related to operating environment. The applicant


requests the Certificate Holding District Officer to have a formal meeting


with them. Once they meet the applicant submits the requirements in


the Pre-application list, the application itself and requirements for gate


I. Then, the federal aviation administration review the design, all the


safety processes and documents and if they comply with regulations and


standards and meet the requirements for gate II they move on to assess


and monitor the performance to ensure activities of the applicant yield


the desired results.


After these are satisfied a certificate and specification of operations are


issued (Aviation). Department of Transport operational reporting


requirements includes availing all data on operations, changes and


accounting. The costs of certification add to the capital an air carrier


incurs to set up business. Since the aim is to make profits some of this


cost is passed on to the consumer whereas the airline my focus on


getting a share of the market first and then spreading this cost over a


period over which they could recover it.


The certification process can be streamlined without compromising


safety. It would require a lot of time and research-based propositions to


streamline it. It is possible to cut down the costs of certification by


government subsidies. This would allow the finances directed towards


certification to be used for maintenance, inventory and spare parts as


well as the purchase of more advanced aircraft and other equipment


used in the airport.


Pilots can be trained on the newest aircraft development to ensure that


passengers will always be safe with the most skilled pilots. Since the


main aim is to ensure that safety is adhered to, the subsidy would incite


air carriers to adhere to all standard and regulations of operations. The


streamlining would take time and be expensive in the short-run, but it


would be worthwhile in the long-run.





Aviation, U. D. (n.d.). FAA Home. Retrieved 3 22, 2016, from federal


aviation administration:




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