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Answered: - Develop a Process Map of a flow processes that pertains to

Develop a Process Map ?of a flow processes ? that pertains to a Glass Company. ?The Glass Company produces window and doors for a residential customers. ?The map should be "handing a customer complaint. ?You might use graphs or power point tools

An example might be "handling a customer complaint".

The Glass Company

1. What is the customer benefit package (CBP) your business offers??????? ?????

The Glass Company is an ?residential glass company that seeks to differentiate from competition by focusing on quality primary goods and peripheral services including customer-friendly employees. The primary customer benefit package consists of friendly and professional employees who regularly interact with customers providing the following services:

Custom Glass Solutions

Custom Mirrors

Triple Panel Windows / Energy Efficient Glass Solutions

Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

Home Window Tinting

Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Free in home consultations

Free repair and replacement of warranted items

As part of The Glass Companies primary benefit package, all technical work is guaranteed for 90 days. Employees are carefully interviewed for employment, and background checks are done on technical skills and criminal history.?

In addition, many other peripheral goods and services define The Glass Company?s customer benefit including:

Custom website and online portfolio where customers may view? gallery of service offerings, request an appointment online, and online bill pay

Customer service representative will work with insurance companies (where applicable) to settle assist in filing and settling claims

Free onsite repair estimates and custom quotes

24 hour answering service for emergency repair

The office has a design room with mock showcase and digital rendering services so customers can visualize customer work. The design room also includes an offering several blends of fresh coffee and tea, sodas, and free Wi-Fi

Customer payment and financing plans available

Customer satisfactions surveys which can be done anonymously

2.??? Where does your CBP fall on the high-goods-content to low-goods-content spectrum??????

The Glass Companies customer benefit package is a core good that provides significant service component as part of our business (refer to Figure 1 below). The group drew this conclusion by examining the four essential differences between services and goods as described below:

Intangibility ? Although the Glass Company does provide intangible design services, the primary business is one that produces a tangible object that can be seen, touched, and have a physical dimension.Inseparability ? A pure service is impossible to separate in the purchase process; although the customer may be involved in providing feedback on custom designs, the purchaser can be largely separated from the process. For example, the customer does not need to be involved in the manufacturing of the customer pieces or even need to be present for the final instillation.Heterogeneity - The third component examined was that services, are inherently vary from day to day and even hour by hour as a function of the attitudes of the customer and the servers whereas goods are produced to meet very tight specifications day-in and day-out with essentially zero variability. The Glass Company does provide varying design efforts, the majority of the work is expected to be high quality glass production that strives to have zero variability to avoid defective glass resulting in rework or scrap.Perishability ? The Glass Companies primary business is to produce nonperishable good that can be store and repeatedly used for a long time period.

4. How vertically integrated will your business be? Will you be outsourcing any functions?

The Glass Company will tend toward forward vertical integration but not be fully vertically integrated. ?While The Glass Company work closely with glass panel, steel, and tinting manufactures we do control the manufacturing, distribution, and retail of our products. The key contribution factors of being forwardly integrated are:

The Glass Company has??.

  • Sufficient resources and capabilities to manufacture
  • Stable production and distribution is key to delivering a quality product
  • Few manufactures are available in the area
  • Cost savings of manufacturing vs. purchasing
  • Greater market share
  • Secured distribution

5. What are your business? core competencies and how do they translate into a competitive priority that will gain your business a competitive advantage?

As touched on in question 2, the Glass Company is a core goods provider that provides a significant service component (including emergency repair, quality installation, and custom design) as part of our overall business. ?These are important aspects of our business as the allow us to differentiate and avoid becoming a low margin commodity business. Our organizational core competencies and strategic strength are our skilled workforce and our high quality service. We have defined these are our core competencies because:

They are difficult for competitors to imitate ? customer design work is done by innovation and skilled workforce which is unique to the individuals performing the jobs and is difficult to replicate the creativity of someone?s design.They make significant contribution to the perceived benefits ? customers see service as part of the overall package and strong customer service can be the determinate between competitors.They are capable of developing new products and services that provide access to wide variety of markets ? our skilled workforces is capable of developing new products and which can allow The Glass Company to expand into other markets in the future including commercial or automobile.

? ???????????????

Running head: PROCESS MAP






Blenko Glass Company: Customer Complaint Handling Process Map



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