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Answered: - Dietetics has become a most sought after discipline today.

Dietetics has become a most sought after discipline today. Perhaps the main reason that underscores its importance is the kind of lifestyle we lead today. Thus, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become an imperative for everyone. One of the most refine ways of leading a healthy life is by ensuring that one's weight does not grow beyond proportion. This can be made possible through weight loss and making a couple of dietary decisions. Developing a stable routine as well as eating healthy are two factors that may help one keep his or her weight in check. Keeping weight in check is beneficial in that it ensures stability of mind and also lengthens one's life. In addition, exercises enable an individual to be physically fit. As such one is able to maneuver around with ease without having to strain the knees, ankles or the back. Also some medical conditions that are associated with obesity such as high blood pressure, aching joints and diabetes are lessened.

Weight loss can also be achieved through bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery has been gaining traction over the years because it also helps an individual achieve weight loss. The process of losing weight can begin through maintaining healthy eating habits- we ought to eat smart not completely. Besides maintaining a healthy diet or performing bariatric surgery, exercising also characterizes the journey to a successful weight loss. As such, it is imperative to maintain a steady schedule and keeping it a routine. This way, it is possible to burn calories and achieve a target weight. Most importantly, the advice of dieticians and technical trainers one will meet in the weight loss journey cannot be overlooked. They play a major role in motivating and educating their clients on healthy lifestyle


?The memo cannot be for the general public. A memo is a company's internal document, so you need to be a member of the company and you are writing the memo to others in the company whether management or employees. You would not be talking about something like giving advice on a healthier lifestyle. You need to focus on a problem or issue in the company and your purpose is to help solve that.


ate: 04/05/2016

To: Group Homes, Foster Care

From: Joylynn Lowary, Supervisor

Executive Summary: The reason why these kids have ran away and ended up in the foster care system is due to the stress. Stress comes from the the dynamic between the individual and their environment where stress is equivalent to the well being of the individual. Examining the runaway behaviors will help us understand why these adolescents respond to and what makes them express themselves in this situation. There are two goals we study: the first goal is propose further development for the explanations provided by the current studies of runaway behaviors. It helps us by seeing if the runaway behavior is a coping strategy for the runaway adolescent. We will update the specific dynamic and that dynamic will give us a better understanding to the issue to why these adolescents have run away.?

I chose the group home, foster care, and the government as my audience. Because there are many people in the group homes and foster care program that always wonder why these kids have ran away. Sometimes these kids do not speak and you always question yourself and ask yourself what are they trying to tell me? The government basically owns the foster care system, so I think they need to know what kind of behavior these kids who have ran away from home are trying to tell us, not by talking but by their behaviors.?

Accomplish: The thing I hope to accomplish is to become a better writer then I was before. I hope to learn something from writing professionally. Maybe once I get the hang of it, when I become a Social Worker and doing my paperwork, I will be writing professionally to my supervisor.

R. Karam & M. Robert(2013), Journal of Community Positive Practices, Understanding Runaway Behavior in Group Homes: What Are Runaways trying to tell us? Retrieved from :?

To: Catering Department


Cc: All Junior Staff


From: Insert your name, General Supervisor


Subject: Change in Dietary Requirements


Date: 05/04/2016


This notification is meant to inform the entire...


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