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Discussion Board Forum Replies Instructions

You will then reply to 2 different classmates' threads with a thoughtful consideration of the Discussion Board Forum thread topic and marketing application made by the student initiating the thread. Each reply must be at least 250 words each, not including abstract, title page, or references. The reply needs to 250 words and 1 citation. Here is the discussion to reply.

A marketing concept is a creative approach where a company targets the needs of the consumers while also achieving organizational goals. Nivea is a well-known company that manufacture high quality skin and beauty care products. Initially established in 1882, Nivea extended it products to target a younger audience. Its initial launch in 2005, the company focused closely on the marketing mix balance to help ensure that all elements of the product appeal to the target audience achieve success. An effective marketing mix can mean the difference between a flash in the pan product or one that is bound to become a well-beloved classic. (Martin, 2014)
?Marketing is the activity for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that benefit its customers, the organization, its stockholders, and society at large. Marketing seeks to discover the needs and wants of prospective customers as well as satisfy those needs.? Marketing is more about thinking about the customers? needs and their satisfaction (Kerin, and Hartley 2016, pg.4). Sales is defined as tricks and techniques of getting people to exchange their cash for your products, while marketing develops a demand for the product and fulfils the customers need. They operate as a hand in a glove. Marketing deals with the creative part and sales with the exchange
Marketing can be very effective in fulfilling the Great Commission. The church has many vehicles through which messages are being communicated to audiences. Many churches incorporate, You-Tube and livestream to propagate the Gospel. The mega ministries also have other business entities that entail the use of marketing skills.
Generational cohorts- baby boomers, generation x and generation y-Baby boomers the generation that is reaching retirement-generation x self-reliant, supportive of racial and ethnic diversity and they have a high value for education and knowledge while generation y-music, sports, and technology, they process information quickly and think outside the box
The Consumer Cellular telephone commercial where the husband and wife are traveling throughout different states advertising the effectiveness of the cell phone at such a reasonable price- Baby Boomers.
Hebrews 13:8 ?Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever?, reminds us that Jesus Christ is unchangeable. Each generational cohosts have their own set of values, attitudes and belief, these common life experience create a cohesiveness distinct to each generational cohost however Jesus doesn?t change., He is totally himself. Even though it has been over 2000 years, if we could hear Apostle Paul, he would resonate the same thing sentiment.
Martin, 2014, retrieved from
King James Bible

Running title: Discussion paper.


The Marketing Concept.


This is a business philosophy that examines the three business adjustments. Its central


tenets formed in the 1950s. It holds that the key to...


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