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Answered: - do you how to do these questions because I really need hel

do you how to do these questions because I really need help with them

CHE 151(Gas Laws)


1. A tank of gas at 425 K has a pressure of 45.3 atm and has a volume of 112.6 L. Determine the


number of moles of gas inside the tank.



2. A tank of oxygen gas is equipped with a burst valve that will rupture if the pressure inside the


tank exceeds 375.4 atm. At what temperature will the valve rupture if the tank has a pressure of


79.5 atm at 298 K?



3. A weather balloon is released at sea level (P=1.00 atm, T = 298 K, V = 25 L). Assuming no loss


of gas as the balloon rises, determine the pressure in the upper atmosphere when the temperature


is 255K and the volume has increased by 15% over what the volume was at sea level.



4. He diffuses 29.45 times faster than an unknown gas (MM He = 4.01 g/mol). Determine the


molar mass of the unknown gas.



5. A mixture of 2.98 g of H2 and 8.27 g He are placed in a 35.0 L metal container at 410K.


a. Calculate the partial pressures of each gas in the mixture.


b. Calculate the total pressure in the flask.


c. If the flask is heated to 1500K, what is the total pressure inside the flask?



6. A compound contains only C, H, and N. It is 58.51 %C, 34.12 %N, and 7.37%H.


a. Determine the empirical formula.


b. If He effuses 3.2 times as fast as the compound, determine the molecular mass of the




c. Using the answer from (b) and (c), determine the molecular formula of the compound.



7. An aerosol can has a volume of 725.0 mL. The pressure of the gas in the can is 9.20 atm. When


the gas is sprayed into a large balloon, the balloon inflates to a pressure of 0.94 atm. As the gas


expands into the balloon, the temperature of the gas decreases from 298 K to 274 K. What is the


volume of gas inside the balloon?



8. Nitrogen gas (N2) reacts with Hydrogen gas (H2) to form ammonia gas (NH3). You have a


mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen in a 1.5 L reactor fitted with a movable piston (As the reaction


proceeds, the piston moves such that the pressure inside the reactor remains constant). Initially


the partial pressure of each reactant gas is 0.50 atm N2 and 0.5 atm H2. (In other words, the P


outside the reactor is constant, at 1.00 atm). Assume the temperature is constant and the reaction


goes to completion. (In other words, when all of the limiting reagent is used up)


a. Write a balanced equation for the reaction


b. Determine the limiting reagent for the reaction


c. Calculate the partial pressure of ammonia in the container after the reaction has reached




d. Calculate the volume of the container after the reaction has reached completion.



9. A gas exerts a pressure of 1.340 atm in a certain container. Suddenly, a chemical change occurs


where half of the original molecules are consumed. The new product molecules are formed in a


ration of three new molecules to two original molecules. Determine the new pressure inside the


container if the volume and the T are unchanged.



10. Exactly 1.0 lb of Hydrone (an alloy of Pb and Na) yields 1.26 ft 3 of wet hydrogen gas at STP.


a. Write a balanced chemical reaction for the reaction of Na with water.


b. Calculate the partial pressure of hydrogen gas collected.


c. Assuming that the only thing that reacts with water is the sodium metal, determine the


%Na in the Hydrone.




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