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Answered: - Does anyone have time to help me with a case study?

Does anyone have time to help me with a case study?

Future Flyer Hoverboard Marketing Program


You are the Product Manager for the Future Flyer Hoverboard. This is a product that was introduced in


the US market just before Christmas 2015. Unfortunately, the product?s initial availability was delayed


and prevented an effective channel strategy. Pricing for the product was all over the board from $200 to


$1,800. Many customers savvy at purchasing directly from China did so. In the end, a total of 50,000


units were sold by the end of 2015. Expectations were that sales would clear 250,000 during the


Christmas season.


Immediately following the Christmas season, the media surfaced issues with the battery packs


overheating and catching on fire. None of the products sold by your company have had any battery


overheating or fire issues. All of the products with such issues were purchased directly from China.


From the marketing research that your company has conducted, you know that this product is wildly


popular with early adopters and influencers. Further research indicates that more than 60% of teens 1317 and 40% of young adults 18-23 have expressed a desire to purchase in the next six months. Biggest


barriers to purchase are access from a reliable retailer and price. For younger purchasers, concerns from


parents who control purchase in many cases are also an issue. Research of parents indicates that if a


reputable retailer were to sell the product they would be swayed to buy the product for their child(ren).


The product delays have left you without a channel strategy. Also the product does not have an


identifiable branding of its own, which makes it impossible to differentiate your product or demonstrate


the high quality and safety of your product.


You have your work cut out to take this product that currently is a ?Question? on the BCG Matrix, but


could easily become a ?Dog? if marketing programs are not implemented well. You are strongly


motivated to show that this product is a shining ?Star.?


You have a management review coming up next week. You need to answer the following questions to


keep this product from being scraped before it has a chance to get firmly established.



In order to prepare for the Management review you need to answer the following questions:


Target Consumer:


1. Teens and Young Adults are the target audience for this product. Parents in many cases may be


gatekeepers for purchases. What aspects would you focus on and leverage to capture the


targets? attention to product features that are most meaningful? How do you appeal to your


target? (20 points)




2. Your company doesn?t invest in trends or fads. Identify and justify three product enhancements


that will ensure that there are product extensions, derivatives to ensure the hoverboard is not a


fad and separates Future Flyer from the competition. (20 points)


Product quality assurance


3. How would you ensure channel partners and consumers that your product is the top quality


product in the hoverboard category and is free from fire hazard issues? (10 points)




4. Prices are all over the board on this product from $200 to $1,800. Your product cost is $90.


Determine a price that will help present a solid product story that indicates quality, value priced,


and fuels market penetration and leader position. (20 points)




5. The 2015 Christmas selling season was a bust for what was to be the must have present of the


year. Now channel outlets are reluctant to stock any hoverboards because of the fire issues.


Provide examples of retailers that you would target and explain why? What is your strategy to


ensure that Future Flyer is the product is stocked in targeted retailers? (20 points)




6. Describe your promotional strategy? What is the core value proposition you want to


communicate? How and where do you communicate your message? (10 points)




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