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ECON 1100 Global Economics

The Commanding Heights

Study Guide

To get the most out of the study guides you should write out answers to the following questions in your own words. Your answers should come from the material in the appropriate chapter of the book and from lecture material covering the topics. If you are having difficulties contact your professor before the exam for help.

Chapter 10: Poland and Russia/Soviet Union


Why was Poland a Communist country?

When did it happen?

Was it voluntary? What is the Iron Curtain? Who imposed it? Why?

What were economic conditions like? People?s living standards?

Early years of communism right after WWII vs 1960?s and 1970?s

State ownership vs private ownership of businesses

Who owned the farms? Compare to Soviet Union, why different?

Foreign debt issues and inflation: why so high for both? How much debt?

What was the Solidarity Movement, and how and why was it formed? By whom? When? Where? What were its original goals? How did the communist govt. react? Why? What is their problem with a union?

How did the union gain control of the govt? Was it revolution, election,?? How did the Soviet leadership react?

What role did the Catholic Church play in events in Poland? How was Pope Paul II related to Poland? What impact did he have? Why was the church in Poland able to maintain a degree of autonomy? How did the church in Russia fare under the communists?

Once Solidarity is in power, what is its economic program?

Pro-socialist or Pro-free market?

What actual steps were taken? What is shock therapy?

What was the result of the shock therapy? Did it help all sectors of the economy equally? What happened to heavy industry employment? Light industry and services?

Why does the new finance minister obsess over the price of eggs? What do they tell us? What happened in this particular market?

Were the economic reforms successful long-run? Is Poland leaning ?Westward? or ?Eastward? politically now?

Russia/Soviet Union:

When was the Soviet Union formed? How and by whom? Why then? Political Program? Economic Program?

New Economic Policy of the 1920?s? Why?

Economic Policy after the 1920?s?

Forced industrialization: What is it? Who instituted it?

What is Collectivization of agriculture, and what happened to the Kulaks of the Ukrain?

Economic growth in 1950?s and 1960?s? vs Economic growth in 1970?s and 1980?s?

What is Sputnik and when? What is it a symbol of?

Who is Mikhail Gorbachev and when does he come to power? What are his politics? Is he a communist or free-market democrat? What are Glasnost and Perestroika? What is Gorbachev trying to accomplish? Are these programs successful? Why does Gorbachev not intervene in Polish affairs when elections there are held? What did the Soviets do when Czechoslovakia and Hungary tried to reform earlier? What years were these reforms attempted?

Who is Boris Yeltsin? When did he come to power? How. Why? President of what country? What is his background? What were his political/economic views early on, and what did they change to? Why? What happens to Soviet Union as a political organization? Did Russia become democratic at this time? What is his economic plan or policy? Pro-market or Pro-communist? What is his plan called? What does it try to accomplish?

How does privatization work out?

For housing units

For small business

For service business

For large scale enterprises

Explain the Voucher system and stock shares

Who ultimately ends up with most stock shares?

Who are the ?Oligarchs? that your author refers to? Why is there so much corruption?

Who are the ?Red Directors? and what do they want? How are they brought on-board to cooperate with reforms?

What is a ?spontaneous privatization??

What was the ?loan for Shares? plan and who proposed it? Who benefited? What did they get?

Is Russia a communist country today? What was the political system in the early 1990?s during the reform period? What about now?

Was the economic transition in Russia as successful as in Poland?


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