Money Back Guarantee

The Money Back Guarantee is the Policy of refunds which is applicable to This Policy is divided into 2 sections:


i. Before receiving and approving the order (case) preview version.

ii. After receiving and approving the order (case).


NOTE: In both (i) and (ii) above, if you reside at any of the European Union countries and had paid Value Added Tax (VAT), you should note that VAT and the cost of transaction are non-refundable.

You are advised to wait for at least 30 minutes – 1 hour before asking for refunds. Please contact us via the chat window or via email t request your money back, instead of disputing via PayPal. Failed deliveries or over-delayed deliveries are refunded 100%.


100% Money Back


You can qualify for a 100% refund if:

1. An incorrect payment was made , such as double payment, identical orders, etc. You should report the case to us immediately.

2. We are not able to provide you with a suitable tutor.

3. 1 hour after purchase you do not receive your ordered pre-written solutions and no feedback has been sent to you.

4. You no longer need the paper because the deadline has passed and the item won’t  be of help, but it wasn’t delivered to you. In this case, you don’t receive the paper ordered earlier. Sending your order for revision means that you approve of the paper in general, but require minor adjustments. If you send your paper for revision, you will not be able to get 100% money back.

You will be eligible for a 70% refund if:

Your order has already been assigned to our tutor, and not more than a quarter of the deadline has passed. The tutor will be compensated since she/he has already started working on your order.

You will be able to get back 50% of your money if:

1. The tutor has been assigned to your order, and more than a half of the deadline has passed.

2. We are not able to provide you with a tutor for your revision.

For special orders, if we fail to deliver the paper on time, we will recalculate a new price of the order according to the deadline, within which we delivered the paper. For example, if you ordered a paper with an 8 hour deadline and we provided the paper within 12 hours, the difference between the payments will be refunded. (This, however, does not apply to revisions)

Please note that you have 14 days to approve the paper. The approval time is calculated automatically from the moment the last version was uploaded to your personal order page and/or from the end of your deadline. After the time has passed, the paper (or a part of the paper) is approved automatically.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of your paper, you may request a free revision to be made or another writer to be assigned. You also can set this order on Dispute status by writing a note “Please set this order on Dispute Status” on your personal order page.

There are several important points you need to consider when setting the order on Dispute:

  • In case of a Dispute, you will have to provide strong reasons and examples to back up your claims.
  • It will take some time to resolve the Dispute – communicate with the corresponding tutor, send the paper for evaluation, etc. Sometimes we may ask for additional materials or evidence to support your request.
  • Each case is reviewed separately; every decision concerning refund is taken after careful consideration. The refund percentage is suggested independently in each case.
  • Failure to provide the information required for Dispute resolution within 14 days will result in annulment of the Dispute and no refund will be possible thereafter.


For all the orders placed on the Dispute status, you have a 14 day period to resolve the situation with the Dispute Manager. If you fail to provide the required information or feedback within this time, contact our Customer Support Representatives and explain the situation to them.


For additional information on revisions, consult our Revision Policy.


Every client can review his/her order and ask for additional corrections, if necessary. However, once you receive an editable and printable version of the paper, you are not able to ask for full refund. By pressing the “Approve” button, you confirm that you are satisfied with the quality of the product and have no complaints about the tutor’s work.

After pressing the “Approve” button you only have 7 days to ask for a revision. In order to do it, you have to contact Customer Support Representatives and explain them the situation. If your order exceeds 20 pages, you can request a free revision within 14 days after approval.

Do not press the “Approve” button if you haven’t checked the paper’s quality or you are not satisfied with it. If you cannot see the preview version of your paper, contact our Customer Support Representatives and ask for another way to preview the paper.

The Multiple Choice Question assignments are not subjected to any refund. Using answers provided by the writer automatically means their approval. In case writer scores less than 50% of correct answers you can be qualified for partial credit. The amount of credit is decided by the Dispute Manager separately in each case.

When asking for a full refund, you don’t have the right to use the paper or any of the additional materials we provided you with in the course of work. All these materials become the property of our company, and we reserve the right of the product. We don’t guarantee any particular grade, and you cannot ask for a refund if you were poorly assessed.

Disclaimer: The following are the ways you are supposed to use our services:

1. As a reference for indepth understanding of the subject
2. As a source of ideas / reasoning for your own research (if properly referenced)
3. For editing and paraphrasing (check your institution’s definition of plagiarism and recommended paraphrase)
4. Direct citing (if referenced properly)

You shouldn’t therefore, present the ordered items as your own written work.